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Find Growth Opportunities & Optimize Investment

If the growth plans for your company include acquisitions, we can assist you in your acquisition search. Our services include opportunity analysis, product outreach, initial due diligence, and valuation analysis. We will handle letters of intent, provide deal structure consultation and negotiation, and lead and support all closing activity.

Our Unique, Comprehensive Process

Our process helps acquiring entities target acquisition candidates that meet their criteria. This results in lower transaction price, higher value, and better terms – all through our reverse auction process.

True North Mergers & Acquisitions has the track record of securing a better deal. For any lower middle market opportunities between $5 million and $150 million, True North should be your first call.

Access Our Experience, Achieve Your Goals

If your business achieves annual revenue of between $5 million and $150 million and you are considering exiting your company, contact True North Mergers & Acquisitions.