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Scott Bartnick

“We have worked with a range of M&A advisors across many transactions and we found True North M&A to be highly professional and diligent throughout our interactions. Randy Krivo took an extremely active role in the entire process and worked closely with Boyne Capital and his clients in a manner that allowed us to find common ground on a number of significant issues that surfaced along the way, culminating in a sale that both parties were truly satisfied with. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Randy and True North again in the future and plan to remain in close contact on new opportunities they bring to market”

Edward Rottmann

It was truly a pleasure working with Nick Cindric and Nathan Gajewski. They were a fantastic team and made the entire experience positive. I am extremely appreciative on how quickly we aligned towards the end goal. The different phases of the acquisition all progressed smoothly and the results speak for themselves. Nick and Nathan never pushed back on deadlines or getting the analysis turned around. Thank you for the work and for the friendship throughout the engagement.

Tom Fischer

Randy, I cannot express how much we appreciate having you on our side throughout this process. We’ve known each other for more than eight years and I already had high expectations. Those were met and then some. The process is harder and more complicated than I could ever have understood. Your knowledge and experience are very apparent. Thank goodness we have you.

Dr. Beth Hagberg

We had no idea it was going to be such a huge undertaking and there's no way we could have negotiated without Randy, without True North, and he saved us more money than we spent... Randy was able to get us 25% more than we ever thought we could command for our clinic.

Cindy Fischer

We have owned a business that provides cloud-based IT solutions for nearly 20 years. When it came time to explore selling our company, we knew exactly who to reach out to since we had been discussing the prospect of a sale with Randy Krivo for more than 8 years. Randy has always been there as a sounding board and has been willing to offer us advice throughout our relationship. Randy never made us feel like a burden (for seeking his guidance on how to position and value our business) or any pressure to sell sooner than we were ready. So, when it came time for the actual sale process to begin, it was of great comfort to know exactly who we wanted to work with. The process is harder and more complicated than we could ever have understood. I cannot express how much we appreciated having Randy and True North/Sunbelt on our side throughout this process. Our already high expectations were not only met but exceeded. Randy’s knowledge and experience were so incredibly valuable throughout this process that I absolutely recommend Randy and his organization to anyone who is contemplating the sale of their business. Thank goodness we had him to guide us through our business transaction.

Dan Sundin

Tim, you did a fantastic job from start to finish, explaining the process, exercising patience and good judgment as needed, teaching, and guiding us all the way. I watched in awe as you gave counsel to us as well as the potential buyers – working your magic to create excitement on both sides for the potential we’re realizing today – thank you!

Clay, you impressed from the first meeting – you won me over quickly with your professional demeanor, presence, and ability. Your work ethic was evident as you plowed through our data and reached out to me evenings and weekends, ensuring the numbers and our true financial opportunity unfolded accurately and enticingly to our prospective buyers.


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