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Landscaping Industry Mergers & Acquisitions

In-depth industry expertise is the secret to our success at True North Mergers & Acquisitions. As a family/founder-owned landscaping business, you’ll benefit from the strength of our team of industry-leading analysts, researchers, and advisors.

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If you're considering selling your landscaping business, you'll benefit from our team of industry-leading analysts, researchers, and advisors.

Several of our senior M&A advisors specialize in landscaping sector deals and are experienced in mergers and acquisitions across a wide range of services, such as garden service, horticultural, outdoor maintenance, landscape design, lawn care, and more. Why go anywhere else when there’s a knowledgeable team at True North Mergers & Acquisitions who can assist you every step of the way?

As your expert guide, we’ll help with a valuation for your manufacturing business and, based on your specific goals and objectives, provide you with the best options suited for you. Speak with one of our experts today.

Scott Bartnick

Principal, Boyne Capital

“We have worked with a range of M&A advisors across many transactions and we found True North M&A to be highly professional and diligent throughout our interactions. Randy Krivo took an extremely active role in the entire process and worked closely with Boyne Capital and his clients in a manner that allowed us to find common ground on a number of significant issues that surfaced along the way, culminating in a sale that both parties were truly satisfied with. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Randy and True North again in the future and plan to remain in close contact on new opportunities they bring to market”

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Our industry experts look forward to speaking with you about your business and goals. Reach out to us today!

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At True North Mergers & Acquisitions, we’re a leader to our clients, a leader in the marketplace, and leaders to each other.

We Believe in Teamwork

We bring our whole selves and work as a team to deliver world-class service to our clients.

Help People First & Success Will Follow

We’re devoted to encouraging, equipping, collaborating and uplifting all who come in contact with us.

It’s All About Servant Leadership

This is the core purpose of why we exist — placing the needs of others before ourselves. Success will follow.

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