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Confidential Business Valuation Services

As the #1 business mergers and acquisitions firm in the country, True North Mergers & Acquisitions is a trusted authority on business valuations — informed by decades of experience in valuing and selling thousands of companies.

Do You Know What Your Business is Worth?

The best owners know what their companies are worth — not only does the information arm you with what price your business might fetch in the marketplace, but the value can help you target financial goals and life plans.

Monitoring value over time also gives owners a key dashboard needle that focuses on business strategy and operations. For example, it can inform capital equipment purchases, growth initiatives, and funding.

What We Offer

Our deal teams provide business valuation services and price intelligence tailored to meet business owner objectives.

  • Complementary Value Assessment - for those considering sale in the next two years
  • Business Price Opinion - for those with indefinite timelines for sale, but needing a value for a specific purpose (such as internal planning and transactions)
  • Compass Exit Opinion™ - offered by our True North Mergers & Acquisitions group of advisors, a more comprehensive business valuation designed for larger companies anticipating sophisticated transactions in the merger and acquisitions markets.

Compass Exit Opinion™

You worked hard for many years to get to the day when you started thinking about an ownership transition of your company. The trusted advisors at True North Mergers & Acquisitions will maximize your net after-tax profits using CEO, our trademarked business valuation process.

We perform an analysis of critical data using the same analytics the industry’s financial buyers use when considering acquisitions. We make recommendations on the structure of a potential market transaction so you know what it takes to arrive at your goal. Our job is to help you understand what your company is worth in today’s marketplace.

For a fee that is far less than a formal certified valuation, our M&A Advisors will perform a financial analysis and provide a written report on the value of your company. This analysis will use multiple valuation methods, including market transaction methods and analysis of future cash flows.

Business Price Opinion

For business owners who are not seeking to sell in the next year or two, there is still value in understanding current market value.

Business owners often require valuation services for a variety of other business needs. These include determining values for partner buyouts, family or estate and financial planning, or divorce settlements. Our clients have also found the Price Opinion useful in determining life insurance needs, internal ownership planning, and benchmarking business value for exit planning.

For a fee that is far less than a formal certified valuation, our M&A Advisors will perform a limited financial analysis and provide a written report on a market-based analysis of the most likely price for a company.

To learn more about whether the Business Price Opinion is right for your valuation needs, contact Len Washko, Business Price Opinion Advisor.


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We Take Action

Our professional advisors bring perseverance, problem-solving, and a “get it done” attitude to the table.

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We balance a strong work ethic that brings profitable results to our clients within a culture that celebrates the process.

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This is the core purpose of why we exist — placing the needs of others before ourselves. Success will follow.

Our Advisors Bring You Expertise, Market Knowledge & Industry Contacts

Meet the people of True North Mergers & Acquisitions — a team of high-caliber advisors and industry experts who will rally for you.

Meet the Team

Scott Bartnick

Principal, Boyne Capital

“We have worked with a range of M&A advisors across many transactions and we found True North M&A to be highly professional and diligent throughout our interactions. Randy Krivo took an extremely active role in the entire process and worked closely with Boyne Capital and his clients in a manner that allowed us to find common ground on a number of significant issues that surfaced along the way, culminating in a sale that both parties were truly satisfied with. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Randy and True North again in the future and plan to remain in close contact on new opportunities they bring to market”

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Our advisors’ decades of experience, market knowledge, and industry expertise have proved invaluable to our clients. Here’s what they say about working with the True North Mergers & Acquisitions team.

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Talisman Designs

Katherine Waymire

“One of the things I really appreciate about True North M&A is that they had advisors with specific experience selling companies in my space. And that brought so much more intelligence to the selling process.”


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