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Increase Your Business Value With 3 Key Business Value Drivers

True North Mergers & Acquisitions

May 5, 2023

Are you a business owner looking to enhance the value of your company? Whether you have plans to sell or simply wish to strengthen your business for future opportunities, it's essential to understand transferable value and the key factors that drive its growth.

What Is Transferable Value?

Transferable value is the worth of a business that can be transferred to a new owner or investor without significant loss or disruption. Without transferable value, your business may sit on the market indefinitely.

So, how can you avoid this situation and ensure a seamless transition that maximizes value?

You implement the following key business value drivers.

Build a Strong Management Team

There's a common misconception that when new owners take over businesses, they bring along their own management team. In truth, buyers prefer businesses with a strong and well-established management team already in place.

To strengthen your management team, identify the roles and responsibilities that directly contribute to the business's value drivers. These include strategic planning, financial management, sales and marketing, operations, and talent management positions.

Next, develop a talent pipeline by creating a plan that grooms potential leaders within your organization.

Finally, provide ongoing training and support to nurture the growth of your management team and help them prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Ensure a Sustainable Operating System Is in Place

Prospective buyers need reassurance that their new business will run smoothly once the former owner exits. That’s why it is critical to establish a proven operating system that:

  • Automates manual tasks
  • Controls expenses
  • Drives revenue
  • Generates recurring revenue
  • Nurtures customer experiences and fosters growth

To drive value, ensure your business operates smoothly—whether you're on-premises or not. Implementing a reliable operating system will give potential buyers the confidence that your business will thrive long after you leave.

Build a Strong Customer Base

Having a loyal and diverse customer base also plays a critical role in increasing business value. By having a broad range of customers, the business reduces its dependency on a few large accounts, which reduces risks.

Having a wide range of customers also boosts the market appeal of the business, making it more attractive to potential buyers who want to expand. Moreover, a nicely diversified customer base shows how strong and adaptable the business is, as it's less affected by customer changes or market fluctuations.

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