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How to Make Your MSP Business More Attractive to Potential Buyers

True North Mergers & Acquisitions

May 15, 2023

The managed service provider (MSP) industry is a growing one. It was valued at $267.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6 percent over the next seven years.

If you are an MSP business owner considering cashing in on this growth and making your exit, keep reading. Below, we’ll cover key strategies to make your MSP business more attractive to potential buyers.

Prove You Are Profitable

Like any business, MPS organizations that can demonstrate strong revenue growth, long-term client partnerships, low costs, and year-over-year profitability will be more attractive to potential buyers.

To showcase your profitability, ensure you have an up-to-date record of financial statements, income statements, and balance sheets. To further strengthen your record, highlight strong KPIs, client retention rates, operational efficiency measures, and success stories.

In short, gather any evidence that substantiates your profitability and presents a compelling picture to prospective buyers!

Demonstrate Expertise and a Robust Line of Services

MSP buyers will also look at the scope of your expertise and service offerings. MSP businesses that provide comprehensive services like cloud computing, cybersecurity, network management, and IT support are particularly attractive to buyers.

Prospective buyers will also be drawn to MSP businesses that keep a pulse on industry trends. The tech landscape is ever-evolving, so buyers want to partner with MSPs that are agile, innovative, and poised to evolve continuously.

Show a Record of Employee and Customer Satisfaction

MSP buyers also want to ensure that your business has a strong track record of customer satisfaction. Having a record of satisfaction surveys is a nice start. However, buyers will likely want to see feedback from key customers and evaluate their experiences with your organization.

Employee retention is another factor that will catch the attention of potential buyers. A high retention rate shows stability and a positive work culture within the business. Why does this matter? Because buyers understand the importance of a skilled and experienced team in providing top-notch service and building strong customer relationships.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Standing out in the market is crucial for MSP businesses. You can do this by offering unique services or by catering to the needs of a particular industry. But it's not just about being a service provider; you should position yourself as a trusted partner who actively supports your clients and their teams.

To make an even bigger impact, ensure your team has a solid grasp of the market you serve and is well-versed in the challenges customers face in different sectors.

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