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How To Properly Conduct Cultural Due Diligence to Ensure Your M&A Transaction is Successful

True North Mergers & Acquisitions

November 28, 2023

Financial details are a pivotal part of the M&A process, yet they don't stand alone. The cultural fit between merging companies holds equal weight. Unfortunately, this critical element is frequently overlooked.Without cultural alignment, merging companies leave themselves open to friction and disconnect, undermining even the most promising financial forecast. Here's how to properly conduct cultural due diligence to ensure your M&A is successful.

Align Leadership From the Outset

Before a merger, evaluate the core values of both company leaders. Discover shared goals and values and tackle any differences early on. This sets a solid foundation for trust and understanding, which will be pivotal if the merger progresses.

Next, create a strategy that combines the most vital cultural elements from each company, keeping an eye on those that will drive the merger's success. Flexibility and regular check-ins measuring how well leaders work together are critical.

Set Up a Functional Cultural Framework

Building a cultural framework means diving into each company’s ethos—not just work styles but core cultural values. These values should center around purpose, strategy, branding, and employee experience. With these values in mind, create a cultural strategy that effectively blends the two cultures. 

It’s worth pointing out that success in this area isn't as easily measured as financial performance, but the following metrics can serve as valuable indicators of progress:

  • Employee engagement scores reflect how invested employees are in their work and the company.
  • Employee retention rates signal your organization’s ability to maintain a stable and committed workforce.
  • Productivity assessments are clear indicators of how effectively employees work post-merger.
  • Internal communication engagement scores show whether employees read, respond to, and take action based on click, open, and engagement rates with internal messaging.

Organize Cultural Workshops & Retreats

Facilitate sessions where leaders and employees from both companies interact in less formal settings. This is where you see how people from both companies mix—who takes the lead, how they approach problems, and whether they have fun together. It's a real-world check-in on whether the two cultures click.

Set Up Focus Groups

Organize focus group sessions with employees from different departments of both organizations. Facilitate discussions, allowing team members to share their perspectives on the company’s culture, values, work environment, and daily experiences. This qualitative approach may unearth critical insights and nuances that may not show up in the data or formal policy reviews.

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