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What's Happening Inside Minnesota's Manufacturing Industry? Find Out November 9.

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October 14, 2023

Every year, Enterprise Minnesota conducts a survey called the State of Manufacturing®. This survey provides an inside view of the dynamics shaping Minnesota's manufacturing industry, addressing topics such as:

• Growth

• The workforce

• Supply chains

• Economic confidence

• And more

But why should manufacturers care about this survey?

This survey offers a platform for industry leaders to voice their concerns and is a valuable tool that allows manufacturers to share their insights—especially with policymakers and government regulators.

Because of this, the survey has gained popularity among many groups, including community organizations, professionals (accountants, lawyers), educators (from elementary schools to trade schools), and fellow manufacturers.

This year, Enterprise asked more than 500 manufacturing executives from different regions with varying company sizes and revenues to share their thoughts.

Ensuring Credibility: Why We Support This Annual Survey

In simple terms, we get behind this annual survey because True North is heavily invested in the manufacturing industry, including sub-sectors like:

• Precision manufacturing

• Aerospace and defense

• Automotive packaging

• Machinery

• Tools and equipment

• Chemicals and materials

• And other building projects

We also partner with Enterprise Minnesota and are part of the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association (MPMA) and other manufacturing groups.

These survey insights help us gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing industry, enabling us to offer valuable support to our clients when they need to assess the value of their manufacturing businesses.

Stay Tuned: Survey Results to Be Released on November 9

The 2023 State of Manufacturing® survey results will be unveiled on November 9. Following the release, we invite you to participate in events statewide where industry professionals will discuss the survey's findings and celebrate manufacturing. It's an excellent opportunity to stay informed and engaged in our vibrant manufacturing community.

If you're interested in attending these events or learning more about the survey, you can register here!

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