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Brian Slipka

Brian Slipka


Brian's vision for a Lower Middle Market M&A firm focused on family & founder owned companies was born out of the success of Sunbelt Business Advisors, the largest business brokerage in the country. With main street business roots and a deep background in pursuing national M&A opportunities, Brian saw the opportunity for a new type of M&A advisor in the marketplace; one that understood family & founder owned companies and would out-deliver the current ivory tower competition. With this vision, he spearheaded the spinoff of True North Mergers & Acquisition from Sunbelt Business Advisors, which has become one of the fastest growing firms in the nation.

Throughout his career as a senior executive, Brian began investing in numerous independent operating companies, eventually forming the framework of today’s True North Equity Partners. Over time, starting from scratch and with his own hard-earned capital, he began acquiring a controlling interest in operating companies across diverse industries. Today the combined portfolio of small businesses has revenues in excess of $240 million.

Brian is the very definition of “self-made.” His experience includes building a start-up, buying existing (including distressed) businesses, selling/exiting businesses, and making angel investments in numerous companies as a limited partner while serving on the boards of many. He is the owner of multiple types of commercial real estate, including retail, multi-tenant, medical office, and commercial.

Brian is also the founder of Honour Capital, LLC, which focuses on equipment financing. He serves on the board of numerous entities, including the boards of trustees for numerous national ministries. In addition, he and his wife are co-founders of a charitable nonprofit organization that provides academic scholarships, engages in community activities, and supports capital projects: True North Family Foundation.


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