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True North CEOs Five Biggest Deal Killers When Selling Company

Brian Slipka

April 15, 2024

True North Mergers & Acquisitions CEO Brian Slipka offers invaluable insights into the top five biggest deal-killers when selling a company.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the field, Brian highlights the following critical factors that could derail a sale, as well as practical advice for navigating them:

  • Negative factors uncovered during due diligence
  • Deal fatigue due to a drawn-out negotiation process
  • Funding issues, like concerns around raising the funds after a signed letter of intent
  • Unexpected third-party barriers, such as the need to transfer federal-required licenses
  • Failure to understand net proceeds

Brian underscores the significance of transparent communication, realistic expectations, and thorough preparation. Dive more fully into these deal-killers and Brian’s advice by visiting his thought leadership piece on Forbes.com.

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