Data and Mergers & Acquisition Synergies

Accelerate Synergies using Data Virtualization and Clean Rooms

The M&A market is exploding and when deals are happening faster than ever the risk of leaving money on the table is heightened. Data virtualization and “Clean Rooms” can help accelerate M&A Synergies to expand revenue, reduce costs, and derive numerous cost-effective operational benefits.

What is a Clean Room?

M&A clean rooms, also known as data rooms, allow enterprises to create a virtual or physical repository of all relevant organization data. A clean room provides a safe environment for comparing and analyzing sensitive data for a much faster and more complete deal assessment. The data is then used to make crucial decisions that may impact the structure of the deal.

What are the Benefits of a Clean Room?

  1. Accelerated timeline
    A clean room is reported to accelerate synergy value by at least 90 days, according to an EY study. Deploying an M&A clean room two to three months in advance of a close can create digestible figures and uncover hidden value and opportunities.
  2. Bigger synergy opportunities, with greater confidence
    Data mining and visualization tools uncover trends and deliver accurate information you can trust. Big Data visualization can harness supplier, customer, product, and other data to isolate the areas of business with the largest synergy impact and estimate the revenue and cost synergies in the new merger.
  3. Objective opinions
    A clean room structure offers an objective view of deal-specific synergies. As the adage goes, numbers do not lie. Clean rooms and data virtualization give boards the big picture of its target.

What is Data Virtualization?

Data virtualization is a data integration method that simplifies analysis, transformation, and delivery. Data virtualization obtains data from diverse sources directly without the need for extra copies. The streamlined approach lets businesses derive greater value faster from growing volumes of data.

What are the Benefits of Data Virtualization?

  1. Better decisions
    Gain more complete business insights by using all available data.
  2. Greater agility
    Data virtualization can provide a 5 to 10 times faster solution than standard integrations.
  3. Reduced cost
    Save 50-70 percent by eliminating unnecessary data replication. Data virtualizations simplified approach reduces complexity and saves money.

Data virtualization and clean rooms accelerate M&A synergies to expand revenue, reduce costs, and derive numerous operational benefits faster.